Kinesiology Guidelines for First Year DPT


Kinesiology Guidelines for First Year DPT

These Guidelines for First year Syllabus of University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore

Kinesiology Guidelines (Important Topics)

Chapter 1

• gravity
• centre of gravity & line of gravity (mcqs)
• Line of gravity*
• Stability of human body is greatest in lying position. (Mcqs)
• Plane of movements (read)
• speed of relaxed passive movements***
• levers of body***
• levers in physiotherapy***
• angle of pull**
• pulleys*
• Pendular movements**
• Axial suspension and pendular suspension***

Chapter 2

• Types of muscle contraction and muscle work
• group action of muscles**
• rhythm of movement***
• timing in movement*

Chapter 3

• test for neuromuscular efficiency***

Chapter 4

• effects and uses of standing***
• Kneeling & sitting*
• hanging**
• pelvic tilt**
(Don’t skip effect & uses of any topic)

Chapter 5

• free exercise & classify it***
• effects and uses of free exercise***
• principle of assistance
• Five factors contributing to development of muscular efficiency***
• techniques & effects and uses of resisted exercise**
• progression*
• involuntary movement / Reflex movements**
(Don’t skip effect and uses of any exercise)

Chapter 6

• general relaxation**
• physiological relaxation (laura mitchell method) ***
• local relaxation*

Chapter 7

• passive movements & its classification***
• Effects & uses of relaxed passive movements**
• Effects and uses of controlled sustained stretching

Derived positions

• significance of derived positions**
• any position can be asked based on their effect and use and question will be scenario based.

Suspension therapy

• movement in Axial suspension***
• movement in pendular suspension***
• pendular movement (Def)**

(Read all the chapters thoroughly at least once because mcqs in Kinesiology are from book text.)
* shows imp questions
** shows imp UQs
*** shows UQs of last year

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