Optometry Notes & Guidance of 3rd year


Optometry Notes & Guidance of 3rd year

This file contains all the essential components of the 3rd year optometry. You can learn each & every basic concepts from these notes

ABOUT Optopetry:

Optometry is an established field in well developed countries with optometrists plying an important role in eye care by providing their services in the field of refraction contact lens practice low vision management orthoptics and ophthalmic dispensing.

In Pakistan, the field of optometry has evolved over the last decade. There is a significant increase in demand of optometrists, especially with the creation of posts by Government of Punjab at teaching hospital, DHQ hospitals and THQ hospitals. There is also substantial scope for jobs in non-governmental organizations to meet the requirement of the country.

At Pakistan, post gradation courses after B.Sc Optometry has been started including M. Phil leading to PhD. 5 year programme, Diagnostic Ophthalmology, master in Public Health and community ophthalmology started at college of ophthalmology& Allied Vision Sciences Lahore.

The higher education in optometry at worldwide level is 4 year programme M. Phil/ PhD after 4 years graduation in the optometry &Orthoptics in following research areas.

1.     Pediatric Optometry

2.     Community Health Optometry

3.     Low Vision Residency

4.     Primary Eye Care

5.     Vision Therapy (Amblyopia) & Rehabilitation

6.     Cornea & Contact Lens

7.     Ocular Diseases

8.     Geriatric Optometry

9.     Refractive & Ocular Surgery

10.  Retinal Pathology

This paucity of trained manpower and lack of specially trained and qualified personnel was a major initiative for Rawalpindi Medical College for starting this elaborate and well structured training program.

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