Membership Form (Hafiz Helper Series)

Hafiz Helper Series (A platform which is working for the welfare of medical students) since 2017. HHS provide facilities in the field of (D.P.T, Allied health sciences, M.B.B.S , B.D.S) like

  • Consultation about studies.
  • Academic Guidance,
  • Past Papers of Universities,
  • All Colleges send ups,
  • Methods to prepare final exam,
  • Time management strategies,
  • MCQ preparation,
  • Research guidance,
  • Conducting different Seminars, Workshops and Competitions among students.

Who can Apply?
Any Student or graduate Who enrolled any degree (D.P.T, M.B.B.S, B.D.S, Allied Health Sciences) from HEC recognize University or Affiliated Colleges all over the Pakistan

Membership Fee= 500/= Rupees

How you will pay your membership fee?
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