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MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Behavioral Sciences & Computer Paper Annual 2023

MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Behavioral Sciences & Computer Paper Annual 2023

This post highlights Answer Key BS & Computer First Year AHS students UHS


  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Medical Imaging Technology
  • Medical Imaging Technology
  • Cardiac Perfusion Technology
  • Optometry and Orthoptics
  • Operation Theatre Technology
  • Dental Technology
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech & Language Pathology
  • Speech & Language Pathology
  • Emergency and Intensive Care Technology
  • Orthotic and Prosthetic Sciences
  • Audiology
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Nutrition


Annual Examination 2023

  1. Stigma in Pakistani context? EPILEPSY
  2. Preoperational state is also called? EGOCENTRIC 3. IQ Level? MENTAL AGE/CHRONICAL AGE x 100
  3. Holistic medicine? BEHAVIOURISM
  4. Pt after recovering from surgery bring gift? Try to accept the gift with reservation
  5. Ringing bell in classical conditioning? CONDITIONED STIMULUS
  6. Ek pt tha usy typhoid hua tha usy k zehan mn bht swal arhy thy?
  7. Classical conditioning? PAVLOV
  8. Avoidance avoidance in conflict?
  9. Behaviour is reduced?
  10. Closer & closer approximation? SHAPING
  12. Depression wla b tha
  14. Defence mechanism REPRESSION
  17. Most stressful event? DEATH OF SPOUSE
  18. Which one guaranteed a solution? ALGORITHM
  19. Duration of hearing memory?
  20. First step in memory? ENCODING
  21. Ek medical student h uski memory bht achi h iski reason?REHEARSAL23. Ek person hai usko hr chez mn perfection chy iski wja? OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER
  22. Gerontology is the study of?AGEING
  23. Pt health believe wla tha jsmn pt ko headache hypertension ki wja sy tha pr usy lgrha tha k jadoo ya taweez ki wja sy hai? HEALTH BELIEVE SYSTEM
  24. Ek health believe system sy related tha? DONT CHALLENGE PT
  25. Creative thinkers ki quality?
  26. Active listening? VERBAL & PARALINGUISTIC ASPECT
  27. Doctor move from board area to more specific area? FUNNELLING
  28. Ek lrki ko job ni mli thi thi uska defence mechanism response? REACTION FORMATION
  29. Sleep wave of frequency 8-12Hz? ALPHA WAVE
  30. Treatment of dental phosbia?SYSTEMIC DESENSITISATION
  31. Which one is not a risk factor of suicide
  32. Psychotic disorder
  33. Difficult child
  34. Ek mcq mn sick role option tha
  35. Goals achieve krny sy related tha ek
  36. Anthropology
  37. Frustration
  38. Def of psychology
  39. Computer edit transform &_ data? CONVERT
  40. Short key for new document? CNTRL+N
  41. CNTRL+A
  42. For single line spacing? CNTRL+1
  43. Third generation computer?
  44. Function of ran dialogue box?
  45. WWW main kia hota hai? DATA & webpage
  46. Vacuum tube is used in which generation? 1st GENERATION
  47. Power point file? PPT
  49. The word computer derived from? COMPUTE
  50. Most commonly used keyboard layouttype? QWERTY
  51. 1kb is? 1024BYTES
  53. Word mn new file ks name sy save hti hai? DOCUMENT1
  54. Low level language? ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE
  55. Language in which k instruction are written in binary form? MACHIN LANGUAGE
  56. Appearance of desktop & control performance of hardware? CONTROL PANEL
  57. Power point kia h? SLIDESHOW
  58. Which one is input device?MOUSE
  59. which one is output device? SPEAKER
  60. Computer ka function? CONVERTS DATA INTO INFORMATION
  61. Hybrid computer? ANALOGUE+DIGITAL
  62. Two LANs connected with each other? WAN
  63. Computer files mange in? MY COMPUTER
  64. Which one is non volatile? ROM
  65. Memory of computer?RAM
  67. Data going in computer is? INPUT
  68. The output shown on display screen? SOFTCOPY71. Workbook is? COLLECTION OF WORKSHEETS
  69. Right order of Column is?AA
  70. USB stands for? UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS
  72. System software
  73. Computer screen p ji data show hta hai? SOFT-COPY
  74. Ek daisy wheel printer tha
  75. Ek switch on wla th
  76. Ek ka ans HYPER-LINK tha
  77. A bus can carry 16 lines how many bytes will it take?
  78. One bit transfer?
  79. Components of computer


These MCQ points were collected from the students who appeared in the Annual Examination of First Year Allied Health Sciences (AHS) at University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore

These are the answer keys of Behavioral Sciences & Computer Subjects

PREVIOUS ANSWER KEY: MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Behavioral Sciences & Computer Paper

Analysis of the Paper:

Most of the students informed Hafiz Helper Series (Whatsapp Study Group : 03066854885) that paper was tough and out of the box. MCQ’s difficulty was high. After the examination most of the colleges students have submitted Application against the paper difficulty level. However, at this time, there was no such response from UHS official about this matter. Students hope that university administration will notice this issue and give grace marks to the students. All students must follow their applications for the outcome.HHS hope for the best result of First Year AHS Students.

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