Close pack position & Loose Pack (Resting) Positions of joints in Human Body


Close pack position & Loose Pack (Resting) Positions of joints in Human Body

Close Pack Position:

The position in which there is maximum congruency of the articular surfaces and joint stability is derived from the alignment of bones.

Loose pack (Resting) Position:

The Position of a joint where it is unlocked and free to move.


Close Pack PositionLoose Pack Position
position with the most amount of joint congruency position with the least amount joint surface congruency
capsule and supporting ligaments maximally tightcapsule and support ligaments and lax
accessory motion is minimizedaccessory motion or joint play is maximized

JOINTS of Human Body:

JointClose Pack PositionLoose pack Position
Glenohumeral (Shoulder)Abduction & External Rotation55-70 abduction, 30 horizontal adduction
Ulnohumeral (Elbow)Extension70 elbow flexion, 10 forarm supination
Radiocarpal (Wrist)Extension with radial DeviationMidway between flexion and extension
HipFull extension, internal rotation, abduction30 flexion, 30 abduction, slight external rotation
KneeFull Extension with external rotation of tibia25 flexion
Ankle Max. Dorsiflexion 10 plantarflexion
Facet (Spine)Extension Midway between flexion and extension
TemporomandibularClenched teethmouth slightly open
Acromioclavicular arm abducted to 90arm resting
Sternoclavicular Max. shoulder elevationArm resting
Radiohumeral elbow flex 90, forarm suppination 5full extension, full supination
Proximal Radioulnar 5 supination70 elbow flexion, 35 forarm supination
Distal Radiohulnar5 supination10 forearm supination
Trapeziometacarpal full opposition midway flexion-extension and abduction-adduction
Metacarpophalangeal (Thumb)full opposition slightly flexion
Metacarpophalangeal (finger)full flexionslightly flexion with ulnar deviation
interphalangeal full extensionslight flexion
subtalarfull suppinationmidway between extereme of inversion and eversion
midtarsal full suppination midway between extreme of ROM
tarsometatarsal full suppination midway between extreme of ROM
metatarsophalangealfull extensionNeutral
interphalangealfull extensionSlight Flexion
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