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MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Pathology & Biochemistry Paper Annual 2023

MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Pathology & Biochemistry Paper Annual 2023

This Post Highlights Answer Key Pathology & Biochemistry First Year AHS Paper UHS


  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Medical Imaging Technology
  • Medical Imaging Technology
  • Cardiac Perfusion Technology
  • Optometry and Orthoptics
  • Operation Theatre Technology
  • Dental Technology
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech & Language Pathology
  • Speech & Language Pathology
  • Emergency and Intensive Care Technology
  • Orthotic and Prosthetic Sciences
  • Audiology
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Nutrition


Annual examination 2023


  1. Pallgera symptom h? NIACIN
  2. Blood clotting vitamin? VITAMIN K
  3. Milk is deficient in which mineral IRON
  4. Repeating unit of hylorunic acid? N ACETYL GLUCOSAMINE & GLUCURONIC ACID
  5. During degeneration of protein which bond is not broken? PEPTID BOND
  6. Ph of blood is 7.4 ratio bw H2CO3 & NaHCO3? 20:1
  7. Semi essential amino acid?
  8. Body mn glucose reserve ks form mn pry hty h? GLYCOGEN
  9. Amphibolic pathway among the following? CITRIC ACID CYCLE
    10.Excretion of calcium? KIDNEY & INTESTINE
  10. Deficiency of Vitamin A? NIGHT BLINDNES
    12.Alpha helix r beta sheet ks structure ki types h? SECONDARY STRUCTURE
    13.Which one is milk sugar LACTOSE
    14.adsorption is inverse to? TEMPERATURE
    15.In normal testing states Blood glucose burnt as fuel consumed by? BRAIN
    16.Most abundant protein in mammals? COLLAGEN
  11. ATP formed/ mole of glucose oxidized in presence and absence of O2? 4:1
    18.In Dialysis Crystalloids and Cylloids are Separated by?
    19.Non Competitive Inhibitor? DECREASE VMAX
    20.Fluid ki viscosity kesy increase hoti h? INCREASE NO OF CELL
    21.Buffer for blood plasma? BICARBONATE
    22.Which one is Essential fatty acid?
    23.Which fatty acid we take in our diet?LINOLEIC ACID
    24.Competitive inhibition? INCREASE km
    25.Beta oxidation enzymes are found in? MITOCHONDRIA
    26.End product of glycolysis? PYRUVATE
    27.Absorption of iron in GIT takes place? DUODENUM & JEJUNUM
    28.Vitamin K is transported in blood bound to? GAMMA GLOBULIN
    29.Which one has more caloric value? LIPIDS
    30.Human fat composed of? TRIACYLGLYCEROL
    31.Which one is required in conversation of glucose to glycogen?
    32.Ye conversion wla 2 dfa tha
    33.Stored form of iron? HEMOSIDERIN
    34.How enzyme speed up reaction? DECREASES ACTIVATION ENERGY
    35.Unsaturated FATTY ACID?
    36.Which coenzyme is used in acetyl coA ———-> melonyl coA? BIOTIN
    37.Long chain FA formation takes place in?
    38.Enzyme catalyse triacylglycerol to monoacylglycerol FA?
    39.Transferrin is? BETA GLOBULIN
    40.Most imp source of reducing equivalent for FA synthesis on the liver? HMP SHUNT
    41.Human most easily tolerate a lake of the nutrient? CARBOHYDRATES
    42.Ek cis retinol opsin wla th
    43.H.pylori cause infection of? STOMACH
    44.Ek tha k konsa nutrient/ protein zda der body mn stay krta h? a)animal protein b) plant protein c)glucose d) glycogen
    45.other name of wear and tear? LIPOFUSCIN
    46.Which inflammation is characterised by the pus formation? PURULENT INFLAMMATION
    47.Lack of differentiation? ANAPLASIA
    48.Incomplete reduction of O2 during mitochondrial Oxidative phosphorylation by phagocytosis? SUPER OXIDE
    49.Tumour suppressor gene? RB GENE
    50.Mutant Proto oncogene? RAS
    51.Granulomatous inflammation? TUBERCULOSIS
    52.Shrunken organ? ATROPHY
    53.Platelet adhesion factor? VON WILLBRAND FACTOR
    54.Process of formation of new blood vessels? ANGIOGENESIS
    55.Effusion in pleural cavity? HYDROTHORAX
    56.Nuclear shrinkage with increased basophilia? PYKNOSIS
    57.Shock ki definition thi
    58.1to 2 cm bruise on skin?ECCYHMOSIS
    59.Metastatic classification? HYPERCALCIMIA
    60.Replacement of one mature cell with another mature cell? METAPLASIA
    61.Reduced blood supply? ISCHEMIA
    62.Cell playing imp role in Chronic inflammation ? MACROPHAGES
    63.Reduce oxygen supply? HYPOXIA
    64.Increase in size of cell? HYPERTROPHY
    65.Increase in no of cell? HYPERPLASIA
    66.Consumption of body’s own cell? AUTOPHAGY
    67.Vasodilation ks ki wja sy hti h? HISTAMINE
    68.TNF kia krwta h FEVER
    69.Locomotion of cell to site of inflammation? CHEMOTAXSIS
    70.Excess accumulation of collagen? HYPERTROPHIC SCAR
  12. Exuberant granulation? PROUD FLESH
    72.Cell of acute inflammation? NEUTROPHILS
    73.Acute information neutrophils predominantly?
    74.Brain mn konsi necrosis hti h? LIQUEFACTIVE NECROSIS
    75.Programmed cell death?APOPTOSIS
    76.Passive process by impaired blood flow? CONGESTION
    77.Virchow triad ks mn hta h? THROMBOSIS
    78.Pancreatic lipases ki wja sy konsi necrosis hti h?FAT NECROSIS
    79.Fracture ki wja sy kona h embolism hta? FAT EMBOLISM
    80.Study of cancer? ONCOLOGY
    81.Hemangioma ks ka tumour h? BLOOD VESSELS
    82.Abnormal proliferation of epithelium? DYSPLASIA
    83.Contains all 3 germ layers? TEROTOMA
    84.Cell shrunken due to loss of function? ATROPHY
    85.Connective tissue that has beeN deposited bt fibroblasts to produce stable scar? REMODELING
    86.MAST CELL KA B OPTION THA ek mcqs mn
    88.Ek covalent bond sy related question tha

IMPORTANT NOTE: Answer Key Pathology & Biochemistry

These MCQ points were collected from the students who appeared in the Annual Examination of First Year Allied Health Sciences (AHS) at University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore

These are the answer keys of Biochemistry & Pathology Subjects

Previous Answer Key : MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Pathology & Biochemistry Paper

Analysis of the Paper:

Most of the students informed Hafiz Helper Series (Whatsapp Study Group : 03066854885) that paper was tough and out of the box. MCQ’s difficulty was high. After the examination most of the colleges students have submitted Application against the paper difficulty level. However, at this time, there was no such response from UHS official about this matter. Students hope that university administration will notice this issue and give grace marks to the students. All students must follow their applications for the outcome.HHS hope for the best result of First Year AHS Students.

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