MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Pathology & Biochemistry Paper


MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Pathology & Biochemistry Paper

University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore

Pathology & Biochemistry Paper: (31-01-2022)


1.diffusion is the movement of solutes from
2.amino acid enter cell membrane through
3.which of the following is not an extracellular protein
4.physilogiacally enzymes are regulated throug
5.voscosity can be decreased through
6.enzymes act by lowering activation energy
7.B12 deficiency causes
Cystic fibrosis cause deficiency of vitamin
8.polyneuritis is due to deficiency of
9.Active transport of membrane through cell membrane occurs through
10.which of the following has highest pH (seminal fluid)
11.Sodium intake is prohibited in? Hypertension
12.protein requirement of an adult
13.which enzyme causes exchange of amide and ketoacidosis
14.entry of amino acid occurs through which pathway
15. Entry of long chain fatty acids from cytoplasm to mitochondria is by
16.Regulator of glycogen synthase
17.Sugar residues in plasma
18.High intake of protein causes increase in which vitamin
19-Lactose  sugar mil kr kia bnati?
Gulucose +Glactose
20-Amylose  sugar kon sa bond bnata ?alpa 1-4 bond
21-Adult ma protein ? 0.8 gram something
22-Vitamin B12 deficiency name ?Prencious Anemia
23-Active form of Vitamin D? 1,25 cholecalciferol
24. Lipid ki oxidation ma kon sa enzyme use hota .

25. Essential amino acid?Theronine
26-Stravation ki condition ma. Body ma kia bnta? Ketone Bodies
27. Obese person os ka  liya Liver ma kia ho ga? Steatosis
28. Exadutate gravity?Greater than 1
29. Pain and Fever ma kon sa factor use  hota ?TNF.and IL-1
30.Enzyme ki activity ko kon Effect krta ?Ph
31. Platelets Secret ? Serotinin


1.Hall mark of granulomatous inflammation
2.definition of neoplasia
3.finger cut Hoi swelling Hoi…..edema is due to
4.leg fracture and damage to muscle in accident occur due to…a.primary intention b.secondary intention
5.apoptosis cell shrink , cellular contents intact
6.not cause of cell injury
7.necrosis in brain and CNS
8.acute inflammation Ka scenario…..ans neutrophil
9.single most imp cause of delayed healing
10.hematopoietic bone marrow cells are…. labile
11.Guardian of human genome
11.protoonco genes are of exudate…
13.chemoattractant for chemotaxis are released by
14.blanching of wound occurs in
15.pattern of inflammation in pericardial effusion
16.Liquefactuve necrosis sa relvant K Study thi
17. Hypertrophy sa relavant bi k .study thi

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