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UHS MCQ Answer Key 3rd year DPT: Pharmacology

UHS MCQ Answer Key 3rd year DPT: Pharmacology

Answer key Annual 2021

• Antibiotic to treat Legeionella
• Gentamiacin + penicillin interaction causes what effect
• Agar ek drug over time day rahay hain to ktne half lives pay concentration steady hojaegi 4-5, 6-7
• Rash is caused by which anesthetic
• Procaine isn’t given in Cardio patients because
• Morphine causes : Inc intracranial pressure
• Menus jab add krdain do antibiotics (naam nai yad) Mey to kya effect hota hai
• Clostridium difficile ko knsi antibiotic treat krti hai
• Agar ek drug ko diye ja rae hain or uska effect decline kr raha hai to usko kya kahain gay
• Ceiling effect ya desensitisation
• B blockers kese glaucoma Mey help krtay hain. Mechanism
• Pneumonia ko knsi antibiotic treat krti hai
• Cox 2 inhibiter
• Chloroquine causes destruction of schizoid, secondary schizoids
• Nor epinephrine Mey B2 nai hota
• Diff between ACE inhibitor or Angiotensin receptor blocker
• Acetylcystiene mechanism of action for blocking of aspirin
• Aspirin effect : inc labor duration
• Ephedrine is used to differentiate between myasthenia gravis and Ach illness because of : its short duration
• Clonazepam : used to treat both neg and positive phases of mania in schizophrenia
• Ketamin: disassociative Anesthetic
• Extremely cardiotoxic : bupivacaine
• Oral antifungal name
• Which has B lactam ring : vancomysin
• Vinca alkaloids mechanism of action
• Chemo induced vomiting : Metoclopramide
• NSAID associated drug for gastric ulcer : misoprostol

Annual 2019


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