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UHS MCQ Answer Key 3rd year DPT: Pathology

UHS MCQ Answer Key 3rd year DPT: Pathology

Annual 2021 UHS

• Brain necrosis : liquefactive
• Strawberry tongue: Kawasaki
• Sterilisation (autoclaving temperature)
• Gram + cocci, coagulase +, catalase positive : Staph. A
• Tuberculin test is which type of hypersensitivity
• (Scenario) after fracture, embolism : fat embolism
• Pyogenic meningitis is caused by all except : (
• Measles virus)
• Scenario (old man, age 60+, shaking of hands, behavioral changes, difficulty to move hands and feet, difficult to
• walk on stairs) : parkinsons
• (Scenario) coal worker with Pneumoconiosis, nodules show deposition of
• (Scenario) tumor in upper right extremity: chondrosarcoma
• Tumor in epiphysis of long bones containing giant osteoclastic type cells (Giant cell tumor)
• Malignant form of nevus:
• Melanoma
• Rhomboid crystals of calcium pyrophosphate in joints is called : pseudogout
• Mutation type in Duchene muscular dystrophy is:
• Deletion
• (Scenario) A boy lacerated his arm, it was stitched, a large prominence developed over 2 months. This is
• Organisation
• Resolution
• (Scenario) bee sting hypersensitivity cell types
• (Scenario) A lady brought her son to the ER after an episode of crying. Usually happens. He was blue. Symptoms
• relieved after squatting position : tetralogy of fallot
• Insoluble form of iron storage : hemosidrin, ferretin
• Disinfectant for burn wound:
• Silver sulfadiazine
• Gram negative cocci : nisseria meningitis

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