Preventive Measures for Doctors: COVID-19


Dear Practising Doctors
Please Take precautions to keep your Clinics safe for yourself, your patients and ultimately for the safety of your families.

You need the following materials to keep the area clean and to protect yourself

. Detol surface cleaner or make one with liquid bleach dissolved in water.
. Hand Sanitiser
. Face masks
. Disposable gloves
. Tissue paper rolls
. Loose white coat or outer gown like the one used in operating theatres

In the clinic:

  1. Wear face mask and disposable gloves all the time .
  2. Wear white coat or a protective gown on top of your clothes.
  3. Clean your table and other surfaces with the detol surface cleaner spray or bleach solution spray every 3 hours. Clean all door knobs with the same solution
  4. Clean your stethoscope and other equipment used to check the patients with hand sanitizer or alcohol swab after every patient .
  5. Do not touch your face
  6. Change disposable gloves after every patient and wash hands with soap and water frequently.
  7. Make sure you clinic staff wears the mask and gloves and a white coat or protective gown on top of their clothes
  8. All patient waiting areas need to be sprayed and cleaned with phenyl every three hours
  9. All patients need to keep a distance and wear masks in the waiting area or keep their nose and mouth covered with clean tissue paper at all times.
  10. Frequently clean your mobile with hand Sanitiser.
  11. All door knobs need to be cleaned frequently

Going home leaving the clinic

  1. Wash your hands and Clean your hands with sanitizer
  2. Clean the steering wheel and other surfaces of your car which you touch with hand sanitizer
  3. Take off protective clothing before getting into the car and put the washable outer clothing in a plastic bag . Put shoes into another plastic bag and wear a clean pair of shoes which you keep in your car.

entering your home

  1. soak the outer gown into a bucket of surf water and bleach to be soaked overnight and washed the next day
  2. Clean mobile with hand sanitiser
  3. Wash hands and Change clothes
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