MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Behavioral Sciences & Computer Paper


MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Behavioral Sciences & Computer Paper

University of Health sciences (UHS) Lahore

Behavioral Sciences (BS)

1.Cognitive theory is given by?
2.anthroplogy is defined as
3.short memory also known as working memory
4.In driving bike which memory used?

  1. Basic emotions?8
    6.aik person Aya wo surgery krwany se refuse krrha doctor ko kya krna chaiye?
    7.maslow hierarchy Mai most motivated kya hai?
    8.a student is taking long breaks which operant conditioning is used to leave this habit
    9.classical conditioning is given by Pavlov
    10.Modelling is type of observational learning
  2. Active listening Mai SB se zyada kya note krtay…. paralinguistic aspects
    12.a student is studying in medical college dreams of getting a high paid job is example of ?
    13.classical conditioning is use to treat …. Phobia?
    14.Biopsychsocial model includes
  3. A person is watching TV with lights off sees monster on walls is illusion
    16.true stress is called eustress
    17.a person is afraid of swimming due to cold water so what will he do before swimming
    18.when a speaker came in place of listener it is active speaker , passive?
    19.aik reinforcement wala tha…. effect to increase behaviour
    20.type A are more prone to cardiovascular diseases
    21.concept of emotional intelligence is given by
    22.Bad news should be break…at once gradually etc
  4. Aik young girl Kay father ko heart attack HOA which is not involve in setting….(promise)
    24.achanak koi incident HOA jis ki wjah se behaviour, emotion Mai change Aya kya krna chaiye… stress management, counseling etc
    25.pain receptors are nociceptors
    26.procedural memory is also called implicit
    27.when two forces oppose conflict arises
    28.what is communication
    29.a person used to transmit message is known as
    30.use of emotional intelligence in conflict resolution is to….. understand own emotions and control them
    31.repeating the last words as it is… reflect emotions is selective reflection
    32.REM stand for rapid eye movement
    33.knowledge given to patient is….. Informational care
    34.listen, interpret and understand the patient is….?


1.Syntax error occurs in
2.EDVAC stands for used in first generation computer
4.key used to save ctrl +S
5.compute means …to calculate technology used in teaching and learning
7.use of computer in industry
8.mymail@hotmail.come in this mymail is?
9.A set of discrete values used to do different functions is called
10.1 terabyte is equal to 1024 gigabytes
11.virus definition is also known as
12.minimize, maximize buttons are in which bar
13.floppy disk is coated with
14.aik tha arrow KY oper circle bna tha which means loading
15.subtraction and addition is done by a machine having wooden beads…this machine is called
16.the processing of data using calculater is called
17.drum is used in which plotter
18.boolean algebra is given by
19.function of operating system is….booting
20.In DOS which command is used for current subdirectories
21.a chip having more than 2 processors

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