MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Anatomy & Physiology Paper


MCQ Key for Allied Health Sciences (AHS)|| Anatomy & Physiology Paper

University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore


1.largest organ of body…skin
2suprficial layer of epidermis is stratum corneum
3.flexion of hip is caused by
4.triceps brachii insert into
5.inferior to heart is
6.liver lies in right hypochondriac region
7.gall bladder arterial supply cystic artery
8.Renal veins drainage in which nodes
9.during inspiration vertical diameter is increased by which muscle
10.plane divides the body into right and left equal halves
11.anterior to right kidney is?
12.which of the following is part of appendicular Skelton…femur
13.pigment which give colour to nail hair is melanin
14.which of the following is retroperitoneal….kidney
15.ispilateral organs are
16.knee joint is all of the following except
17.suspensory ligament attach uterus to…..
18.lobes of left lung 2 of cervical vertebrae
20.odontoid procces in which vertebrae female posterior to bladder is
22.nerve supply to esophagus stomach small intestine etc
23.haustra are present in synthesize which vitamin
25.position of epididymis of breakdown of RBC
27.nodes of Ranvier are present where


1)Muscle of Golgi tendon is the type efferent fiber?
2)Ist heart sound is produced?
3)Hemoglobin is produce in the begin?1) hemopoietic stem cell 2)erythopiotin etc
Tremer in the voluntary muscular is ?1) parkinsonism 2 hunting diseaseetc
4)which of the vessel have high cross section and surface area?
5)patient have sore taste sence by ?
a)taste bud b) olfactory nerve c) olfactory muscle
6)75%saturation of hemoglobin means?
7)in the Arteries carbandioxide is in the form of ?
a) dissolve CO2 b)HCO3
8) parietal cells produced harmone?
9)self replication capacity have ?a)Golgi apparatus b) peroxisome c)phagosome etc
10)harmone act as a second messager?
a)cortisole b) insulin etc
In the hyperthyroidism one is true ?
a) increase BMR b)weight gain)
11) which produce spermatogenesis is ?
12Vitamin 12 is bind completely ?
a)ileum b)stomach c)jujunum d )doudoum
13) vitamin 12 intial obsorb in ?
14.most amount of Co2 is present in alveolar air
15.what is Nernst potential
16.Aik Bohr Effect se related tha
17.Spermatogenesis takes place in
18.aik water wala tha mtlab most abundant medium in cell is
19.Intrapulmonary pressure is
20.static equilibrium is due to vestibule old age vision is decreased to how many diopters
22.Insensible loss of water From body is….700ml
23.stiffening of eye with age is presbyopia
24.second messanger in cAmp
25.trypsinogen is converted to trypsin by
26.when ATPase fail what will happen?Inc k conc….Dec Na conc…Inc Ca conc etc

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