Preparation of Mandatory Documents for Admission into Government Medical and DentalColleges of Punjab, Session 2023-24

Preparation of Mandatory Documents for Admission into Government Medical and DentalColleges of Punjab, Session 2023-24

In this article i will elaborate the documents preparations for MBBS and BDS University of Health Sciences (UHS) Admission 2023

The process for admission to Government Medical and Dental Colleges in the province of Punjab
for the Session 2023-24 will commence in October. Before that, prospective candidates are advised
to prepare the following mandatory documents in advance to avoid any difficulties while submitting
their applications online. Please note that these documents are of mandatory nature, and without
them, the admission form shall not be accepted:

Domicile Certificate:

The Punjab Domicile is a mandatory document for candidates. Any other document such as
an identity card, B-form, passport, or birth certificate will not substitute for the Punjab
Domicile. Similarly, a receipt of application submitted for issuance of domicile of the
candidate or parent’s domicile on behalf of the candidate shall not be acceptable. Please
keep in mind the following conditions regarding the domicile:
i. Candidates having a domicile of Islamabad (ICT) can apply for
Open Merit seats in Punjab.
ii. Overseas Pakistanis/residents with dual nationality do not require
a domicile for applying to their quota seats.
iii. For candidates applying on seats reserved for the students of
Under-Developed Districts (Dera Ghazi Khan, Layyah, Rajanpur,
Muzaffargarh, Lodhran, Mianwali, and Bhakkar) and Cholistan, it
is mandatory to have a domicile of the relevant district. In the
case of D.G. Khan and Rajanpur districts, candidates applying for
tribal area-specific seats must have “Tribal Area” mentioned on their domiciles.
Similarly, for Cholistan seat, candidates must have “Cholistan” mentioned on their
domicile certificates.

Educational Documents and Their Attestation: MBBS BDS UHS Admission

i. As per the Higher Education Commission’s letter dated May 18, 2023, all candidates
are required to get their Matriculation and F.Sc (Pre-Medical) certificates or result cards
attested by the Inter Boards Coordination Commission (IBCC).
ii. Candidates with foreign educational qualifications (such as A-levels, IB,
American/Canadian 12th grade, etc.) must:
a. Submit an Equivalence Certificate or Provisional Equivalence Letter for the
equivalent educational qualification of their 10th and 12th grade examinations,
issued and duly attested by IBCC.
b. Candidates who have not received equivalence for “Pre-Medical Group” in 12th
grade examination from IBCC must submit the result card issued by the relevant
board or university (e.g., Cambridge or Edexcel) along with their application, proving
that Biology, Chemistry, and Physics/Mathematics were their subjects in the 11th
and 12th grades.

Identity Documents: MBBS BDS UHS Admission

i. Identity documents include the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), National
Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP), Pakistan Origin Card (POC), B-Form/
Child Registration Certificate (CRC), and Passport. The candidate must submit at least
one of the aforementioned documents.
ii. Along with the application form, the candidate must upload an identity document of one
of the parents (Father/Mother).
iii. Pakistani students residing abroad and holders of dual nationality applying for their
reserved seats must upload one of the following documents:
Iqama or Residence Permit or Green Card or Foreign Passport
Note: For candidates residing in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), it is mandatory to
submit a digital copy of their Iqama downloaded from the Absher or Ministry of
Interior, KSA, official website, displaying the expiry date of the permit, along with
the printed copy of their Iqama.
iv. Identity documents with an expiry date that has passed before the application deadline
shall not be accepted under any circumstances.

MBBS & BDS Admissions
Government Medical and Dental Colleges of Punjab
Session 2023-2024

Special Documents: MBBS BDS UHS Admission

These are the documents required specifically for applying to Quota Seats. They are not
necessary for candidates applying solely on open merit.
i. Candidates applying for reserved seats for Underdeveloped Districts must submit an
Education Verification Certificate (a template is available on the UHS website) as proof
that the candidate has obtained education from their respective district from the first
class to the twelfth class. This certificate must bear the signatures and seals of the
heads of all educational institutions (schools and colleges) from which the candidate got
his/her education. The verification of this certificate shall be done by the respective Chief
Executive Officer (District Education Authority) and Director of Education (Colleges).
Additionally, the Deputy Commissioner of the relevant district shall also attest this
ii. In addition to this Education Verification Certificate, these candidates must also upload
their School Leaving Certificates/ Character Certificates/Provisional Certificates from
their respective educational institution.
iii. Candidates aspiring to apply for Cholistan’s reserved seat must upload the Cholistan
Development Authority-issued certificate (a template is available on the UHS website) as
proof that the candidate is a Cholistani by birth and that his/her current place of
residence is in Cholistan.
iv. Candidates with physical disabilities applying for their reserved seats must submit a
Disability Certificate issued by the National Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled
Persons (NCRDP), Ministry of Social Welfare, or the Provincial/District Social Welfare
Department. Based on this certificate, they shall be presented before a Medical Board,
which will assess their eligibility for admission to medical/dental colleges

Photograph, Thumbprint, and Signature: MBBS BDS UHS Admission

i. The candidate must upload a recent photograph along with the admission form. The
photograph should not be older than one month. It should be in color, with a white
background, and the candidate’s face must be clearly visible. Female candidates are
allowed to wear a dupatta or headscarf, but their faces must not be covered. The
photograph must not include caps, hats, or sunglasses. Candidates are instructed not to
edit/touch-up their photographs.
ii. The candidate has to sign on white paper with blue ink in running hand and also provide
their left thumbprint. The photograph of this document should also be uploaded with the
admission form.

  • Important Instructions for Digitizing Documents for Upload:

i. It should be noted that the candidate will fill out the admission application online through
the portal. Therefore, they should have soft copies of all the documents mentioned
above saved on their computer or mobile device.
ii. The candidate should prepare soft copies of all documents only in JPG/JPEG format.
For this purpose, they can use apps like CamScanner.
iii. The file size should not exceed 2 MB per document.
iv. Upload the images of all original documents only. Photocopies of documents shall not be
v. Every document’s image should be clear and readable. Blurred or illegible documents
shall be rejected.
vi. Documents that have printing on both sides, such as identity cards, passports, etc.,
should be prepared as separate files for both front and back sides.
vii. Save each document file with a unique name, and before uploading, ensure that you are
uploading the correct document.
viii. Verification of educational documents is usually done on the backside of the documents.
In such cases, the candidate must upload images of both the front and back sides.
ix. For documents in languages other than English or Urdu (e.g., Arabic, Persian, Chinese,
Spanish, Italian, etc.), candidates must also upload their official notarized/certified
English translations.


It is the responsibility of the candidate to upload the right documents in the correct manner.
Submission of incorrect documents or failure to upload documents properly shall result in the
rejection of the candidate’s application without any notice for which the university shall not be
responsible. Candidates are advised to prepare their documents in a timely manner according to the
given instructions. For creating soft files of their documents, candidates may seek assistance from
an expert or a trusted person. Furthermore, candidates are warned against uploading any fake or
fabricated documents. Otherwise, their applications will be instantly rejected, and legal action may
be taken against them.
For further information, please visit the University of Health Sciences’ official website

Preparation of Mandatory Documents for Admission into Government Medical and DentalColleges of Punjab, Session 2023-24
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