Kinesiology MCQ’s of Dena gardiner (Chapter 05)


Kinesiology MCQ’s of Dena gardiner (Chapter 05)



1. The sternocostal joints are examples of
A) synchondroses
B) syndesmosos
C) amphiarthostosis
D) symphyses

2. Sutures between the occipital and parietal bones of the skull represent

A) synarthrosis

B) syndesmosos

C) amphiarthostosis

D) symphyses

3. Protective layer of dense white connective tissue covering the articulating bone surfaces at diarthrodial joints is called
A) articular cartilage
B) articular capsule
C) synovial fluid
D) articular joint

4. In the human body, a special type of dense, white connective tissue known as articular cartilage provides a protective lubrication. A ……….thick protective layer of this material coats the ends ofbones articulating at diarthrodial joints.

A) 1-3 mm

B)1-4 mm

C) 1-5mm

D) 1-6 mm

5. Which of the following is not the functions of Menisci & Dics

A) Distribution of loads over the joint surfaces

B) Improvement of the fit of the articulating surfaces

C) Shock absorption

D) Traction loading

6. The position of joint orientation for which the contact between the articulating bone surfaces is maximum is called

A) close pack position
B) loose pack position
C) joint stability
D) all of these

7. The angle through which a joint moves from anatomical position to the extreme limit of segment motion in a particular direction is called

8. A goniometer is basically a protractor with two arms. The point where the arms intersect is aligned over the joint center while the arms are aligned with the longitudinal axes of the body segments, to measure the angle present at a joint. This device is used for
A) Measure the strength of muscles
B) Measure the power of muscles
C) Measure the Range of motion
D) Measure the Joint mobility

9. Sprains can occur at any joint, but the most affected joint by sprain is
A) shoulder joint
B) wrist joint
C) hip joint
D) ankle joint

10. Whic of the following is a autoimmune disease among these
A) Rheumatoid arthritis
B) Osteoarthristis
C) Septic Arthritis
D) Juvenile Arthritis

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