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Kinesiology MCQ’s of Dena Gardner Chapter 02

Kinesiology MCQ’s of Dena Gardner Chapter 02


1. The characteristics of any starting position ______.
a. Stable
b. Comfortable
c. Provide room for full range of motiond. d.All of the above

2. Active fixation can be achieved by _____.
a. Co contraction of muscles
b. Straps
c. Manual pressure
d. Non of the above

3. In normal standing, line of gravity passes_______the knee joint.
a. In front of
b. Behind
c. Through
d. Lateral to

4. Pronation and supination take place on ______.
a. Sagittal plane and frontal axis
b. Frontal plane and sagittal axis
c. Transverse plane and vertical axis
d. Coronal plane and horizontal axis

5. Mechanically the assistance/ resistance are most effective when it acts at ___.
a. Acute angle
b. Obtuse angle
c. Perpendicular
d. 0 degree

6. Muscle is most efficient in______ range.
a. Outer
b. Outer part of middle
c. Inner part of middle
d. Inner

7. Forearm pronation range of motion is limited due to _______.
a. Bony contact
b. Soft tissue approximation
c. Soft tissue tension
d. Tension of ligament

8. Relaxed passive movement is useful for________.
a. Muscle strengthening
b. Improving joint range of motion
c. Remembrance of pattern of movement
d. Improving co-ordination

9. Stretching is the _____.
a. Slow and sustained forced passive movement
b. Sudden but controlled forced passive movement
c. Relaxed passive movement
d. Manipulation

10. Anterior pelvic tilt is produced by ________.
a. Hip extensors and abdominals
b. hip flexors and lumbar extensors
c. Hip adductors and trunk side flexors
d. Non of the above

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