Histology MCQ with answer keys || Anatomy MCQ


Histology MCQ with answer keys || Anatomy MCQ


1) which cartilage is most commonly occuring in human body?
A) fibrocartilage
B) elastic cartilage
C) hyaline cartilage

2)which cells are necessary for maintenance of bone matrix in normal healthy condition
A) osteoblast
B) osteoclast
C) osteocytes

3) The brunner’ s glands of duodenum belongs to which variety of glands
A) compound acinar
B) compound tubular
C) simple tubular
D) simple acinar

4) the best example of stratified squamous keratinized epithelium is:
A) esophagus
B) oropharynx
C) oral cavity
D) epidermis

5) conjuctiva of eye is an example of:
A) stratified columnar
B) pseudostratified
C) simple columnar
D) simple cuboidal

6) in receptor mediated endocytosis cargo receptors becomes associated which protein?
A) fascin
B) fimbrin
C) clathrin
D) myosin

7) myofibroblast are most abundantly found in:
A) wound healing
B) storage of fat
C) in structural support
D) in protection

8) which collagen provide main structural support in basement membrane of epithelial tissues?
A) collagen type 1
B) collagen type 2
C) collagen type 3
D) collagen type 4

9) the superficial zone of articular cartilage makes how much of its thickness?
A) 20-40%
B) 10- 20%
C) 40- 50%
D) 30- 40%

10) in auricle of ear which cartilage is present:
A) fibrocartilage
B) hyaline cartilage
C) articular cartilage
D) elastic cartilage

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