General Knowledge MCQ with Answer key – FPSC, PPSC,KPSC, BPSC,SPSC


General Knowledge MCQ with Answer key – FPSC, PPSC,KPSC, BPSC,SPSC

….800+General knowledge mcqs…..

1•Pakistan opened its first embassy in Iran.
2• Egypt was first to open its embassy in Pakistan.
3• First governor of State Bank Zahid Hussain.
4• First Lady governor Rana Liaquat Ali (Sindh) 1973-1976.
5• First lady federal minister Vikarun Nisa Noor (Tourism).
6• First state to join Pakistan was Bahawul Pur, 1954.
7• Pak: cricket team first visited England.(chk: India)
8• First captain of cricket team Abdul Hafeez Kardar.
9• First century Nazar Mohammd against India in 1954 in Lacknow.
10• First Woman University is located in Rawalpindi.
11• First governor of Punjab=Francis Moody.
12• First CM of Punjab=Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot.
13• First Governor of Sindh=Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah.
13• First CM of Sindh=Ayub Khoro.
14• First Governor of Baluchistan=Lt: General Riaz Hussain.
15• First CM of Baluchistan=Attaullah Mengal.
16• First Chief Justice of Pak: Sir Abdur Rasheed.
17• First PM of Azad Kashmir=Abdul Hamid Khan.
18• First President of AJK=Sardar Ibrahim Khan.
19• First Commander-in-Chief of Pak: Army was Frank Miservi.
20• First chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee was General Mohd: Sahrif.
21First chief of Staff of armed forces was General Tikka Khan.
22• First governor State Bank was Zahid Hussain.
23• First daily newspaper is Amroz 1947.
24• First lady pilot was Shukriya Khanum. 25• First museum of Pak established in Karachi in 1950.
26• First Bank was United Bank (7th August, 1947)
27• First Agriculture Reforms in Pak: Jan: 24, 1959.
28• First Chief Election Commissioner of Pak: Mr. Khan F.M.Khan (25th March, 1956)
29• Election Commision was created on 23rd March, 1956 under Article 137 of 1956 consititution.
30• First Muslim Commander in Chief of Pak: Ayub Khan.
31• First Radio Station established was of Karachi.
32• First T.V station was setup at Lahore on Nov: 26, 1964.
33• First lady Major General in Pak: Dr. Shahida Malik.
34• First Space satellite was launched by Pak: in 1990.
35• First private TV Channel STN launched in 1990.
36• First Chairman Senate was Habibullah Khan.
37• First woman judge of High Court: Majida Rizvi.
38• First constructed barrage of Pak: Sukkur Barrage.
39• First Secretary General of Pak: Ch: Mohd: Ali.
40• Agro museum is at Lailpur.
41• First bio-gas plant was installed in 1974.
42• First woman bank established on Dec: 1, 1989.
43• Badshahi mosque built in 1670 A.D.
44• Designataion of GG changed into President on 23rd March, 1956.
45• Largest Hockey stadium is National Hockey Stadium Lahore.
46• First minority minister of Pak: Joginder Nath Mandal held the portfolio of law.
47• First Atomic Reactor established in Islamabad in 1956. .
48• Largest railway tunnel is Khojak.
49• Smallest dam of Pak: Warsak dam.
50• Largest fort of Pak: “Rani Kot”.
51• City Bank is the largest bank in the country.( Habib Bank)
52• Nishan-e-Pak: is the highest civil award of Pak:
53• Second highest civil award is Hilal-e-Pak:
54• Ayub National Park (Rawalpinidi) is the largest Park in Pakistan.
55• Lahore Museum is the biggest in Pak: 56• Largest Railway station is Lahore.
57• Highest Pass is Muztag Pass which connects Gilgit to Xinkiyang.
58• Largest canal is Lloyd Barrage Canal or Sukkur Barrage or Lance Down Pull built in 1936.
59• Largest Cement Plant is Lucky Cement Plant near Luki Marwat.
60• Largest road is Shahrah-e-Pak:
61• Shortest river is Ravi.
62• Smallest division is Karachi.
63• Largest division is Kalat.
64• Largest division of Sindh is Therparkar.
65• Habib Bank Plaza Karachi has 23 stories (345 ft)
66• Minar-e-Pak: is 196 ft, 8 inches high.
67• Pakistan has its longest boundary with Afghanistan.
68• Pakistan is 34th largest country in the world, 6th population wise.
67• Smallest civil award is Tamg-e-Khidmat.
68• First census of Indo-Pak: 1881.
69• Highest dam is Mangla dam.
70• Imran khan’s ( the Popular Learder of Pak) 2nd marriage held on 8th January at Bani Gala
71• The new wife of Imran khan is a famous anchor person Reham Khan
72• Azadi Dharna was ended by Imran Khan after —- Days 127
73• When Peshawar massacre was occurred on 16 DEC 2014
74• Newly elected President of Sri Lanka is Mathripala Sirisina
75• Tahir ul Qadi ( the famous religious scholar and Chairman of PAT) is nationality holder of Canada is being treated at \USA
76• The new Authority to deal with Terrorism in Pakistan is NECTA
77• The new Helpline to inform about any terrorism act in Pak is1717
78• President of India is Purnab Muker
79• The foundation stone of the third biggest Mosque of the world is Laid down at Karachi
80• The founder of modern Germany is ——— Bismark
81• The founder of the Chines Republic was——— San yat sen
82• The first women Prime Minister of Britain was——- Margret Thatcher
83• The largest Church in the world is ————– Bascilica of St. Peter ( Vatican City)
84• Largest peninsula in the world is———— Arab
85• Old name of Iraq——————————– Mesopotamia
86• longest river of the world———————— Nile
87• official religion of Japan———————– Shintoism
88• Headquarter of SAARC————————— Khatmando
89 • Famous Stock market of USA——————– Wall Street
90• What country has three capital cities Admin Legislate Judicial-South Africa
91• Countries name means Place where one struggles with God-Israel
92• Ecuador was named after who / what-The Equator
93• The Davis Strait lies between Canada and where-Greenland / Baffin
94• Children take SATs what does SAT stand for-Standard assessment tasks
95• A lion and a sword appear on what countries flag-Sri Lanka
96• What is sometimes nicknamed Adams Profession-Gardener
97• What is the word Taxi short for-Taximeter
98• Name the Hong Kong stock exchange-Hang Seng
99• What is a bandy bandy-A Snake
100• The New Testament originally written in what language-Greek
101 The biggest delta in the world is the Sunderbans
102 The longest river in the world is the Nile
103 The longest highway in the world is the Trans-Canada
104 The longest highway in the world has a length of about 8000 km
105 The highest mountain in the world is the Everest 06 The country that accounts for nearly one third of the total tea production of the world is Myanmar
107 The biggest desert in the world is the Sahara desert
108 The largest coffee growing country in the world is Brazil
109 The country also known as “country of Copper”is Zambia
110 The name given to the border which seperates Pakistan and Afghanistan is Durand line
111 The river Volga flows out into the Capsian sea
112 The coldest place on the earth is Verkoyansk in Siberia
113 The country which ranks second in terms of land area is Canada
114 The largest Island in the Mediterranean sea is Sicily
115 The river Jordan flows out into the Dead sea
116 The first Prime minister of Bangladesh was Mujibur Rehman 17 The capital city that stands on the river Danube is Belgrade
118 The Japanese call their country as Nippon
119 The length of the English channel is 564 kilometres
120 The world’s oldest known city is Damascus
121 The city which is also known as the City of Canals is Venice
22 The country in which river Wangchu flows is Myanmar
123 The biggest island of the world is Greenland
124 The city which is the biggest centre for manufacture of automobiles in the world is Detroit,USA
125 The country which is the largest producer of manganese in the world is USA
126 The country which is the largest producer of rubber in the world is Malaysia
127 The country which is the largest producer of tin in the world is Malaysia 128 The river which carries maximum quantity of water into the sea is the Mississippi
129 The city which was once called the Forbidden City'was Peking 130 The country called the Land of Rising Sun is Japan 131 Mount Everest was named after Sir George Everest 132 The volcano Vesuvias is located in Italy 133 The country known as the Suger Bowl of the world is Cuba 134 The length of the Suez Canal is 162.5 kilometres 135 The lowest point on earth is The coastal area of Dead sea 136 The Gurkhas are the original inhabitants of Nepal 137 The largest ocean of the world is the Pacific ocean 138 The largest bell in the world is the Tsar Kolkol at Kremlin,Moscow 139 The biggest stadium in the world is the Strahov Stadium,Prague 140 The world's largest diamond producing country is South Africa 141 Australia was discovered by James Cook 142 The first Governor General of Pakistan is Mohammed Ali Jinnah 143 Dublin is situated at the mouth of river Liffey 144 The earlier name of New York city was New Amsterdam 145 The Eifel tower was built by Alexander Eiffel 146 The Red Cross was founded by Jean Henri Durant 47 The country which has the greatest population density is Monaco 148 The national flower of Britain is Rose 149 Niagara Falls was discovered by Louis Hennepin 150 The national flower of Italy is Lily 151 The national flower of China is Narcissus 152 The permanent secretariat of the SAARC is located at Kathmandu 153 The gateway to the Gulf of Iran is Strait of Hormuz 154 The first Industrial Revolution took place in England 155 World Environment Day is observed on 5th June 156 The first Republican President of America was Abraham Lincoln 157 The country famous for Samba dance is Brazil 158 The name of Alexander's horse was Beucephalus 59 Singapore was founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles 160 The famous British one-eyed Admiral was Nelson 161 The earlier name of Srilanka was Ceylon 162 The UNO was formed in the year 1945 163 UNO stands for United Nations Organisation 164 The independence day of South Korea is celebrated on 15th August 165Last Judgment was the first painting of an Italian painter named Michelangelo 166 Paradise Regained was written by John Milton 167 The first President of Egypt was Mohammed Nequib 168 The first man to reach North Pole was Rear Peary 69 The most famous painting of Pablo Picasso was Guermica 170 The primary producer of newsprint in the world is Canada 171 The first explorer to reach the South Pole was Cap.Ronald Amundson 72 The person who is called the father of modern Italy is G.Garibaldi 173 World literacy day is celebrated on 8th September 174 The founder of modern Germany is Bismarck 175 The country known as the land of the midnight sun is Norway 176 The place known as the Roof of the world is Tibet 177 The founder of the Chinese Republic was San Yat Sen 78 The first Pakistani to receive the Nobel Prize was Abdul Salam 179 The first woman Prime Minister of Britain was Margaret Thatcher 180 The first Secretary General of the UNO was Trygve Lie 181 The sculptor of the statue of Liberty was Federick Auguste Bartholdi 182 The port of Banku is situated in Azerbaijan 183 John F.Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harry Oswald 184 The largest river in France is Lore 185 The Queen of England who married her brother-in-law was Catherine of Aragon 186 The first negro to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was Ralph Johnson Bunche 187 The first British University to admit women for degree courses was London University 188 The principal export of Jamaica is Sugar 189 New York is popularly known as the city of Skyscrapers 190 Madagascar is popularly known as the Island of Cloves 191 The country known as the Land of White Elephant is Thailand 192 The country known as the Land of Morning Calm is Korea 93 The country known as the Land of Thunderbolts is Bhutan 194 The highest waterfalls in the world is the Salto Angel Falls,Venezuela 95 The largest library in the world is the United States Library of Congress,Washington DC 196 The largest museum in the world is the American Museum of Natural History 197 The lowest mountain ragne in the world is the Bhieuna Bhaile 198 The country known as the Land of Cakes is Scotland 199 The place known as the Garden of England is Kent 200 The tallest tower in the world is the C.N.Tower,Toronto, Canada 201 The country famous for its fish catch is Japan 202 The old name of Taiwan was Farmosa 1 203 Montreal is situated on the bank of river Ottawa 204 The city of Bonn is situated in Germany 205 The literal meaning of Renaissance is Revival 206 Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus 207 The title of Desert Fox was given to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel 208 The largest airport in the world is the King Khalid Int.Airport, Saudi Arabia 209 The city in Russia which faced an earthquake in the year 1998 was Armenia 110 The largest bay in the world is Hudson Bay,Canada 211 The largest church in the world is Bascilica of St.Peter,Vatican City,Rome 212 The largest peninsula in the world is Arabia 213 The largest gulf in the world is Gulf of Mexico 214 The tallest statue in the world is the Motherland,Volgagra d Russia 215 The largest railway tunnel in the world is the Oshimzu Tunnel,Japan 216 The world's loneliest island is the Tristan da cunda 217 The wordQuiz’was coined by Jim Daly Irishman
218 The original meaning of Quiz'was Trick 219 The busiest shopping centre of London is Oxford Street 220 The residence of the Queen in London is Buckingham Palace 221 Adolf Hitler was born in Australia 222 The country whose National Anthem has only music but no words is Bahrain 223 The largest cinema in the world is the Fox theatre,Detroit, USA 224 The country where there are no Cinema theatres is Saudi arabia 225 The world's tallest office building is the Sears Tower,Chicago 226 In the year 1811,Paraguay became independent from Spain 227 The cross word puzzle was invented by Arthur Wynney 228 The city which was the capital of the ancient Persian Empire was Persepolis 229 WHO stands for World Health Organisation 230 WHO is located at Geneva 231 FAO stands for Food and Agriculture Organisation 232 FAO is located at Rome and London 233 UNIDO stands for United Nations Industrial Development Organisation 234 UNIDO is located at Vienna 235 WMO stands for World Meteorological Organisation 236 WhO is located at Geneva 237 International Civil Aviation Organisation is located at Montreal 238 The Angel Falls is located in Venezuela 239 The Victoria Falls is located in Rhodesia 240 Ice Cream was discovered by Gerald Tisyum 241 The number regarded as lucky number in Italy is Thirteen 242 Napoleon suffered from alurophobia which means Fear of cats 243 The aeroplanes was used in war for the first time by Italians(14 Oct.1911) 244 Slavery in America was abolished by Abraham Lincoln 245 The Headquarters of textile manufacturing in England is Manchester 246 The famous Island located at the mouth of the Hudson river is Manhattan 147The founder of plastic industry was Leo Hendrik Bakeland 148 The country where military service is compulsory for women is Israel 249 The country which has more than 10,000 golf courses is USA 250 The famous paintingMona Lisa’is displayed at Louvre museum,Paris
251 The earlier name for tomato was Love apple
252 The first President of USA was George Washington
253 The famous words Veni Vidi Vici'were said by Julius Caesar 254 The practice of sterilization of surgical instruments was introduced by Joseph Lister 255 The number of countries which participated in the first Olympic Games held at Athens was Nine 256 Mercury is also known as Quick Silver 257 Disneyland is located in California,USA 258 The country which built the first powerful long range rockets is Germany 259 Sewing Machine was invented by Isaac M.Singer 260 Adding Machine was invented by Aldrin 261 The national emblem of Spain is Eagle 262 Archimedes was born in Sicily 263 The total area of Vatican city is 0.272 Sq.kms 264 The largest temple in the world is Angkorwat in Kampuchea 265 The largest dome in the world is Louisiana Superdome,New Orleans,USA 266 largest strait in the world is Tartar Strait 1 267 The Mohenjodaro ruins are found in Larkand District of Sind,Pakistan 268 The largest city of Africa is Cairo 269 The founder of KODAK Company was Eastman 270 The Cape of Good Hope is located in South Africa 271 The Heathrow Airport is located in London 272 The neon lamp was invented by Georges Claude 173 The last letter of the Greek alphabet is Omega 274 The place known as the land of Lincoln is Illinois 275 The US state Utah is also known as Beehive state 276 The Kalahari desert is located in Africa 277 The Pentagonian desert is located in Argentina 278 The person known as the father of aeronautics is Sir George Cayley 279 The most densely populated Island in the world is Honshu 280 The two nations Haiti and the Dominion Republic together form the Island of Hisponiola 281 The largest auto producer in the USA is General Motors 282 The largest auto producing nation is Japan 283 The famous General Motors company was founded by William Durant 284 The country that brings out the FIAT is Italy 285 The first actor to win an Oscar was Emil Jannings 286 The first animated colour cartoon of full feature length was Snow White and Seven Dwarfs 287 The first demonstration of a motion picture was held at Paris 288 The first country to issue stamps was Britain 289 The actor who is considered as the biggest cowboy star of the silent movies is Tom Mix 290 The Pentagon is located at Washington DC 291 The world's largest car manufacturing company is General Motors,USA 292 The world's biggest manufacturer of bicycles is Hero cycles,Ludhiana 293 The world's oldest underground railway is at London 294 The White House was painted white to Hide fire damage 295 The largest oil producing nation in Africa is Nigeria 296 The longest river in Russia is Oblrtysh 297 The first Emperor of Germany was Wilhelm 298 The last French Monarch was Louis Napoleon III 299 "History is Bunk"was said by Henry Ford 300 The term ``astrology' literally means Star Speech 301 Togo is situated in Africa 302 Coal is also known as Black Diamond 303 The first Boxer to win 3 gold medals in Olympics was Laszlo Papp 304 The first ruler who started war games for his soldiers was Genghis Khan 305 The first cross word puzzle in the world was published in 1924 by London Sunday Express 306 The lightest known metal is Lithium 307 The atacama desert is located in North Chile 308 The oil used to preserve timber is Creosote oil 309 The founder of USA was George Washington 310 The first talkie feature film in USA was The Jazz Singer 311 The chemical name of laughing gas is Nitrous oxide 312 The US state Mississipi is also known as Tar Heel state 313 The US state Indiana is also known as Volunteer state 314 The US state Missouri is also known as Hoosier state 315 The US state West Verginia is also known as Blue Grass state 316 The US state known asPine Free State’is Vermount
317 The US state known as Mountain state'is Pensylvania 318 The US state known asLand of Land of 1000 Lakes'is Arkansas 319 The popular detective character created by Agatha Christie is Hercule Poirot 320 The Pakistani President who died in an aircrash was Zia-ul-Huq 321 Yoghurt means Fermented milk 322 Yankee is the nickname of American 223 The International court of Justice is located in Hague,Holland 324 The headquarters of World Bank is located at Washington DC 325 Victoria Falls was discovered by David Livingstone 326 The technique to produce the first test tube baby was evolved by Patrick Stepote and Robert Edwards 327 The oldest residential university of Britain is the Oxford University 328 The name of the large clock on the tower of the House of Parliament in London is called Big Ben 329 Prado museum is located in Madrid 330 The number of keys in an ordinary piano is Eighty eight 331Man is a Tool Making Animal’was said by Benjamin Franklin
332 The term ‘anesthesia’ was coined by Oliver Wendell Holmes
333 The first man to reach Antartica was Fabian Gotileb
334 The Kilimanjaro volcano is situated in Tanzania
335 The invention that is considered to have built America is Dynamite
336 The author of Harry Potter Books is JK Rowling Nickname of New York city is Big Apple
337 What do you call a group of sheep A Flock of Sheep
338 In which sport do players take long and short corners Hockey
339 Who was the youngest President of the USA Theodore Roosevelt
340 How many legs do butterflies have 6 Legs & 2 Pair of Wings :

  1. How many rivers flow in Balochistan ?7
  2. Total District in Punjab ? 36
  3. How many rivers flow in KPK? 8
  4. Oldest Contonment of Pakistan? Kohat
  5. India Construct Wuller Berrage on which river? Jhelum
  6. Commander in Chief who was also defence minister in civil Govt? Ayub khan
  7. Who was 2nd Martial Law Administrator ? Yahya Khan
  8. Smallest Division of KP? Bannu
  9. Jinah Of Pakistan was written by? Stanley Wolpert
  10. Shalimar Garden was built by Shah Jehan.
  11. Tomb of Iqbal located in? Near Badshahi Masjid
  12. Gadani Beach is located in which province? Baluchistan
  13. Karakurom Highway connect Pak with? China
  14. Smallest state by area? Malta
  15. Plant exhale at night time which gas? CO2
  16. distance from north and south equator is called? Latitude
  17. Eastern Meditarian Island cypress divided between which two country? Greece and Turkey
  18. Reuters is the news agency of? UK
  19. WWW statnd ? World wide web
  20. Most urbanized province of pak? Sindh
  21. Black Gold is the name of? Oil
  22. coldest area of the world? Siberia
  23. Capital of Azad Jamu Kashmir? Muzaffarabad
  24. Pak won world cup in? 1992
  25. which area of Pakistan is sandwitch between china and Indian occupied Kashmir? Baltistan
  26. in 1945-46 which war was fought? First Anglo Sikh war
  27. Bristol is the sea port of? Uk
  28. 1999 UN peacekeeping mission to which country? Kosovo
  29. oldest barrage of Pakistan? Sukkur
  30. Gulf war participate by which countrys? Iraq
  31. from the moon which structure on the land visible? The great wall of China
  32. country shortest coastline? Monaco
  33. Country biggest irrigation system of the world? Pakistan
  34. largest planet of the solar system? Jupiter
  35. City of canals? Venice
  36. China situated in which part of Asia? East Asia
  37. Sweden currency? Krona
  38. Cedi is the currency? Ghana
  39. Romania Currency? Lei
  40. First cabinet of Pakistan established? 15 August, 1947
  41. M Ghaznavi Destroyed ? Somnath Temple
  42. Tipu Sultan died in 4 Mysore war.
  43. Which country has a least population growth?
  44. Lome is the capital of Togo
  45. “Pakistan, the heart of Asia” is a book written by liaqat Ali Khan in 1950.
  46. Founder of Mughal Empire?
  • Babur

387Brasilia of Pakistan is called to Islamabad.
388• City of angles is called to Bangkok.
389• City of bazaars is called to Cairo.
390• City of colleges is called to Lahore.
391• City of conference is called to Geneva.
392• City of cosmonauts is called to Moscow.
393• City of eternal spring is called to Quito.
394• City of golden temple is called to Amritsar.
395• City of Golden Gate is called to San Francisco.
396• City of mosques is called to Dhaka.
397• City of parks is called to Kiev.
398• City of palaces is called to Calcutta.
399• City of pope is called to Rome.
400• City of space flights is called to Cape Kennedy.
401• City of peace is called to Baghdad.
402• Forbidden City is called to Lahaska.
403• Gateway to the east is called to Beirut.
404• Gateway to the gulf is called to Abu Dhabi.
405• Gateway to India is called to Bombay.
406• Gateway to Pakistan is called to Karachi.
407• Little Pakistan is called to Bradford.
408• Manchester of Pakistan is called to Faisalabad.
409• Pyramid city is called to Cairo.
410• Rose pink city is called to Jaipur.
411• Windy city is called to Chicago.
412• Lusitanian is the alternative name of Portugal.
413• Emerald Island is called to Ireland.
414• Land of Prophets is called to Palestine.
415• Yellow River is known as China’s Sorrow because of devastating floods.
416• Gibraltar of the west is said to Quebec.
417• Zambia is known as “country of Copper”
418• Albania means the “Land of Eagles”.
419• Argentian means “Like Silver”.
420• Bahrain means two seas.
421• Brazil means “Red wood”.
422• Costa Rica means “Rich coast”.
423• Cyprus means “Land of copper”.
424• Guuatnemala mean “Land of Eagles”.
425• Jamaica means “Good water”.
426• Kuwait means “Fort”.
427• Liberia means “Land of free people”.
428• Netherlands means “low land”.
429• Nigeria means “a great river”.
430• Sierra Leone means “Lion Mountains”.
431• Singapore means “city of lions”.
432• Sudan means “Land of black people”.
433• Turkey means “Land of Turks”.
434• Which country is popularly called ‘The Land of the Maple Leaf’? Canada
435• Mistress of the Eastern Seas is epithet referred to Sri Lanka.
436• Hong Kong is called as Pearl of the Orient.
437• Which worlds city is known as The Golden City Prague Czech
438• What place was nicknamed “The Pearl of the Orient”-Manilla – Philippines
439• What countries name translates as lion mountains- Sierra Leone
440• What place is nicknamed “The City of Lilies”- Florence

  • 441• Mesopotamia means- Between two Rivers
  1. Pakistan won the circket world cup in 1992
  2. Pakistan won Olympic gold medal in Hockey for the first time in 1964
  3. The tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir is in Lahore
    445The national flower of Pakistan is Jasmine
  4. Which military alliance had Pakistan as itsmember SEATO
  5. The national animal of Pakistan Markhor
  6. The national bird of Pakistan is Chakor
  7. Baluchistan is 43% of total Pakistan
  8. The Second largest city of Pakistan is Lahore
  9. Pakistan’s Official map was drawn by Mian Mahmood Alam Suhrawardy (1920-1999)
  10. The national tree of Pakistan is Deodar
  11. Cripps mission was an attempt in late March 1942 by Sir Stafford Cripps
  12. Sui is famous for natural gas
  13. Muztag pass connects Gilgit-Yarkand (China).
  14. Khankum Pass connects Chitral-Wakhan
  15. The Shandur Pass connects Chitral and Gilgit.
  16. Khyber Pass connects Peshawar-Kabul
  17. Kulk pass connects Gilgit-China.
  18. Bolan pass connects Queta-Afghanistan.
  19. Tochi pass connects Pak:-China.
  20. Length of Silk Rourte (Korakorum Route) is 965
  21. Length of Durand Line is 2250km
  22. Afghanistan’s Wakhan District is a narrow strip
    of land that juts eastwards 350km
    between Tajikistan and Pakistan to touch the
    Chinese border.
  23. Nehru Report date: August 1928
  24. Wavell Plan (Simla COnference): 1945
  25. Geneva Pact was signed on 14th April, 1988.
  26. Simla Pact was singed on 3rd July, 1972.
  27. The Scientific Society established at Ghazipur
    on 9th January, 1864 and later shifted to
    Aligarh when Sir Syed was transferred to Aligarh.
  28. Lucknow Pact: December 1916
  29. Lahore Resolution was presented by Maulvi
    A.K. Fazlul Huq in 1940
  30. Sui gas field was discovered in the late 1952
  31. Congress was founded upon the authority of
    British civil servant Allan Octavian Hume
  32. Partition was Bengal was in 1905
  33. Indus Waters Treaty was signed in Karachi on September 19, 1960
  34. All Pakistan Muslim League was formed on
    December 30th, 1906 in Dhaka
  35. The headquarters of the All India Muslim League was established in Lucknow,
    and Sir Aga Khan was elected as its first
  36. Qaumi Taranah was written by Hafeez Jullundhri and was composed by Ahmad G. Chagla .
    It was officially adopted as Pakistan’s national anthem in August 1954.
  37. The Radcliffe Line was published on 17 August 1947.
  38. In 1945 who is the viceroy of India? Ans:Archibald Wavell
  39. By the Government of India Act 1935, Sindh
    was seprated from Bombay
  40. Power of 1962 ain? Answer: President
  41. Indus River is the largest river in pakistan (3200km)
  42. Abdul Qadeer Khan is the creator of Atom Bomb of Pakistan
  43. who acts as president in the absence of president? Answer: The Chairman Of Senate
  44. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on December 25, 1876 in Karachi and died on 11th September, 1948 (Aged 71) buried in Karachi
  45. Allama Iqbal was born on 9 November 1877 in Sialkot and died on 21 April 1938 (aged 60)
    buried in Lahore
  46. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was born on 17th October 1817 in Delhi and died on 27 March 1898 (aged80) buried in Aligarh
  47. Liaquat Ali Khan was born on 1 October 1895 in Karnal, India (now Haryana) and died on 16 October 1951 (aged 56) buried in Karachi (he was shot in Rawalpindi and has got the title
    of Shaheed-e-Millat)
  48. Fatima Jinnah was born on 30 July 1893 in Karachi and died on 9 July 1967 (aged 73) buried in Karachi
  49. Sialkot is famous for sports goods
  50. Karachi is known as the city of lights
  51. Lahore is known as the city of gardens
  52. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan
  53. Faisal Mosque is in Islamabad
  54. The resort town of Ziarat is famous for its forests of which type of tree Juniper
  55. “Qissa Khawani Bazaar” is located in Peshawar
  56. Wazirabad is internationally famous for its fine quality cutlery products
  57. Quetta is known as the fruit basket of Pakistan
  58. Hyderabad is known as the city of perfumes
  59. Pakistan is located in tropic zone of South
  60. Tirch Mir is the highest peak of Hindukush range
  61. Height of K2 is 8611 m
  62. Height of Nanga Parbat is 8126 m
  63. Takht-e-Sulaiman is the height peak of Sulaiman Range
  64. Jaccobabad is the hottest place in Pakistan
  65. Ziarat is the coldest place in Pakistan
  66. Pakistan comes at 34th number in world with respect to area
  67. 205,444 is the total area of Punjab province in sq km
  68. 140914 is the total area of Sindh in sq. km
  69. 347192 is total area of Balochistan in sq. km
  70. 700 km is the total length of coast line of Pakistan.
  71. Balochistan has the longest coastline among all provinces of Pakistan
  72. Total length of coastline of Sindh is 200 miles
  73. Karachi is the largest seaport of Pakistan
  74. Khojab is the longest tunnel in Pakistan
  75. Jhelum is the origin of Lower Bari Doab canal, Chenab is the origin of Upper Bari Doat canal
  76. 4 rivers flow in Sindh
  77. 8 rivers flow in NWFP
  78. 12 rivers flow in Balochistan
  79. River Bolan flows in Balochistan
  80. Hub river flows in Sindh
  81. Tarbela Dam is built on river Indus
  82. Mangla Dem is built on river Jehlam
  83. Area of highest rainfall is Murree
  84. Area of highest snowfall is Skardu
  85. Total height of Tarbela Dam is 500 ft
  86. Total length of Terbela Dam is 6000 ft
  87. Origin of Jinnah Baraj is Sindh and it is located near Kalabagh
  88. Thar is the largest desert of Pakistan
  89. Sindh Sagar is between the rivers of Indus and Jehlam
  90. Ganji Bar is located between Ravi and Sutluj
  91. Chaj Doab is between the rivers Chenab and Jehlam
  92. Rachna Doab is located between Ravi and Chenab
  • 532. 8 Barrages are made on Indus River
  1. Motto of Pakistan Army: Imaan, Taqwa or Jihad Fi-Sabilullah
  2. Motto of Pakistan Navy: Himmat ka alam, mojo
    pe qadam, Allah ka karam
  3. Motto of Pakistan Air Force: Sehra aust kh drya aust teh-o-bala-o-furma aust
  4. Motto of Quaid-e-Azam: Unity, Faith, Discipline (Itihad, Iman, Nazm)
    537) Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed Captain Date of Martyrdom: 27 July 1948
    538) Tufail Mohammad Shaheed Major Date of Martyrdom: 7 August 1958
    539) Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Major Date of Martyrdom: 10 September 1965
    540) Rashid Minhas Shaheed Pilot Officer Date of Martyrdom: 20 August 1971
    541) Rana Shabbir Sharif Shaheed Major Date of Martyrdom: 6 December 1971
    542) Raja Muhammad Hussain Janjua Shaheed Sawar Date of Martyrdom: 10 December 1971
    542) Muhammad Akram Shaheed Major Date of Martyrdom: 5 December 1971
    543) Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed Lance Naik Date of Martyrdom: 17 December 1971
    544) Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed Captain Date of Martyrdom: 7 July 1999
    545) Lalak Jan Shaheed Havildar Date of
    Martyrdom: 7 July 1999
    546★ Largest producer of silver is Mexico.
    547★ The largest producer of carpet is Iran.
    548★ The largest producer of cheese is USA.
    549★ The largest producer of cotton is USA.
    550★ The largest producer of Jute is Bangladesh.
    551★ The largest producer of Rice is China.
    552★ The largest producer of Silk is China.
    553★ The largest producer of Steel is USA.
    554★ The largest producer of Sugar is India.
    555★ The largest producer of Tea is India.
    551★ The largest producer of Wheat is USA.
    552★ The largest producer of Wool is Australia.
    553★ The largest producer of gold is South Africa.
    554★ The largest producer of oil is Saudi Arabia.
    555★ The largest producer of coffee Brazil.
    556★ The largest producer of tin is Malaysia.
    557★ The first Prime Minister of Bangladesh was Mujibur Rehman
    558★ The longest river in the world is the Nile
    559★ The longest highway in the world is the Trans-Canada
    560★ The longest highway in the world has a length of About 8000 km
    561★ The highest mountain in the world is the Mount Everest
    562★ What is the worlds largest food company-Nestle
    563★ The fastest flying bird in the world is Falcon.
    564★ Largest peninsula is Arabian Peninsula.
    565★ Mariana Trench is the deepest part of Pacific.
    566★ The longest railway station is located in Japan.
    567★ Tallest Light house “Steel Marine Tower” is inJapan
    568★ The city which is the biggest centre formanufacture of automobiles in the world is Detroit,USA
    569★ Reticulated python is the longest snake in the world.
    570★ Urengoi (Russia) is the largest natural gas
    571★ The Bamboo has the fastest growth rate. It grows up to 3 feet in 24 hours.
    572★ Trans-Siberian railway line is the longest in the world.
    573★ Roxy is the biggest cinema house of the world. It is located in New Your (United State).
    574★ The largest telescope of the world called Keck-I, is located in Hawaii (USA).
    575★ Jean Bernard is the deepest cave in France.
    576★ Name the largest Mediterranean island-Sicily
    577★ The country that accounts for nearly one-third of the total teak production of the world is Myanmar
    578➡️ The SI Unit of charge is?
    Ans: Coulomb
    579➡️ Deficiency of Vitamin A causes?
    Ans: Night Blindness
    580➡️ The lifespan of red blood cells is?
    Ans: 60 days
    581Q94:The density of water is?
    Ans: 1g/cm3
    582➡️ Radioactivityity was discovered by?
    Ans: Becquerel
    583➡️ A device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called?
    Ans: Battery
    584➡️ The average adult has blood volume of about?
    Ans: 05litres
    585➡️ The most abundant element in the universe is?
    Ans: Hydrogen
    586➡️ The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is ?
    Ans: Oxygen
    587➡️ How much air volume Each day human body breathes ?
    Ans: 15,000 to 20,00 litres of Air
    588➡️ The SI unit of pressure is?
    Ans: Pascal
    589➡️ CNG stands for?
    Ans: Compressed Natural Gas
    590➡️ Instrument for measuring high temperature is?
    Ans: Pyrometer
    591➡️ Sounds waves are?
    Ans: longitudinal waves*
    592➡️ The lifespan of white blood cells is?
    Ans: 01 day
    593➡️ The fluid part of blood is?
    Ans: Plasma
    594➡️ X-rays were discovered by?
    Ans: Rongten
    595➡️ The planet nearest to earth is?
    Ans: Venus
    596➡️ When World Trade Center 9-11 incident occurred?
    Ans: 11sep 2001
    597➡️ Urine is produced in?
    Ans: Kidneys
    598➡️ Blood is cleaned by?
    Ans: Kidneys
    599➡️ According to BigBang theory the universe began about?
    Ans: 10-20billion years ago
    600➡️ Einstein’s famous equation which states that mass and energy are interchangeable is?
    Ans: E=mc2
    601➡️ The SI unit of elec tric current is?
    Ans: Ampere
    602➡️ What is dry ice?
    Ans: Solid carbon dioxide
    603➡️ What are primary colors?
    Ans: Red Green Blue
    ➡️ Digestion of food completed in the ?
    Ans: Small intestine
    604➡️ Carrot is good source of vitamin?
    Ans: A
    605➡️ Which is essential element in all organic compounds?
    Ans: Carbon
    607➡️ Which is the main constituent of natural gas?
    Ans: Methane
    608➡️ What is meant by?
    Ans: Day and Night Equal
    609➡️ Kpk was given status of province in?
    Ans: 1901
    610➡️ The distance covered by a body per unit time called?
    Ans: Speed
    611➡️ The quantity of Matter present in a body called?
    Ans: Mass
    612➡️ Milk Contains water?
    Ans: 80%
    613➡️ Humans are?
    Ans: Omnivore
    ➡️ How many types of Motion?
    Ans: 03
    614➡️ What are the three types of Motion?Ans: Translatory Motion,Rotatary motion,Vibratory Motion
    615➡️ Units are divided into?
    Ans: 03 systems
    616 “City of colleges”Ans. Lahore
    617 “Replica of the sahara”Ans. Skardu 618Gateway of Pakistan”Ans. Karachi
    619* “Bab-ul-Islam”Ans. Sindh
    620* “Swaziland of Pakistan”Ans. Swat
    621* “City of Textile”Ans. Faisalabad
    622* “Valley of Flowers”Ans. Peshawar
    623* “City of Saints”Ans. Mutan
    624* which city of the world is known as ” Little Pakistan”Ans. Bradford
    625* “Land of Five rivers”
    Ans. Punjab
    626* “Land of Brave People”
    Ans. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgat Balistan
    627* “Pearl of Himaliya”Ans. Kaghan
    628* “City of lightning”Ans. Karachi
    629* Texila university was established by the king ?Ans. Ashoka
    630Badshahi Mosque located in lahore was built by?Ans. Aurangzeb Alamgir
    631* Lahore was properly walled city surrounded by …….gates ?Ans. 12
    632* Badshahi Mosque is located inAns. Lahore
    633Badshahi Mosque was built in?Ans. 1673
    634Baba farid Ganj shakar’s is located in Ans. pakpatan
    633* Manora famous for tourism is name of ?
    Ans. Island
    634Khawaja Ghulam Farid’s is located in?
    Ans. Mithan kot
    635* Lahore fort is also known as ?Ans. Shahi Fort
    636Changa Manga Forest is located near ?Ans. Lahore
    637Jahangir’s tomb is located in?Ans. Lahore
    638Heard of Khyber pakhtunkhwa”Ans. Mardan
    638 Baba Bulleh Shah’s tomb is located in ?Ans. kasur
    639Shalimar Garden was built in?Ans. 1642
    640″height of Siachin Glacier”Ans. 20,000feet
    641″Linght of Siachan Glacier”Ans. 75km
    642Batora Glacier in located in”?Ans. Gilgat Baltistan
    643Baltura Glacier is located in “?
    Ans. Gilgat Baltistan
    644 second hightest glacier of the world ?Ans Siachan Glacier
    645what is the length of Batora Glacier?
    Ans. 55
    646The desert comprises of part of Mianwali,Sargodha,Muzaffargarh and………?Ans. Dera Ghazi Khan
    647What country has three capital cities Admin Legislate Judicial-South Africa
    648• Countries name means Place where one struggles with God-Israel
    649• Ecuador was named after who / what-The Equator
    650• The Davis Strait lies between Canada and where-Greenland / Baffin
    651• Children take SATs what does SAT stand for-Standard assessment tasks
    652• A lion and a sword appear on what countries flag-Sri Lanka
    653• What is sometimes nicknamed Adams Profession-Gardener
    654• What is the word Taxi short for-Taximeter
    655• Name the Hong Kong stock exchange-Hang Seng
    656• What is a bandy bandy-A Snake
    657• The New Testament originally written in what language-Greek
    658• The Black Death came to England from what port-Calais
    659• What is the currency of Egypt-The Pound
    660• After English what’s the most widely used language on the net-German
    661• The word Angel derives from the Greek meaning what-Messenger
    662• What is measured on the Torro scale -Tornados
    662• Sicily is the traditional source of which element- Sulphur
    663• Who was the first person to wear a wristwatch- Queen Elizabeth 1st
    664• What city is at the mouth of the Menam river- Bangkok
    665• Ireland and New Zealand are the only countries that lack what Native Snakes
    666• In Hindu philosophy what does Yoga literally mean- Union
    667• Which sea is sometimes called the Euxine Sea- Black Sea
    668• The Wright brothers made aircraft but what was their other job: Bicycle manufacturers
    669• What is the official language of Cuba-Spanish
    670• Who was the last Emperor of France-Napoleon III
    671• What country does China have its longest land border with: Mongolia
  5. “Pakistan, the heart of Asia” is a book written by?
    Ans: Liaqat Ali Khan in 1950
    673 Founder of Mughal Empire?
    Ans: Zaheeruddin Babur
    674 Antibodies act against?
    Ans: Diseases
    675Oldest Cantonment of Pakistan?
    Ans: Kohat
    676 India Construct Wuller Barrage on which river?Ans: Jhelum
    677Commander in Chief who was also defence minister in civil Govt?
    Ans: Ayub Khan
    678Who was 2nd Martial Law Administrator?
    Ans: General Yahya Khan
    679Smallest Division of KP?Ans: Bannu
    680Jinnah of Pakistan was written by?
    Ans: Stanley Wolpert
    681 Shalimar Garden was built by?
    Ans: Shah Jehan
    682Tomb of Iqbal located in?
    Ans: Near Badshahi Masjid
    683Gadani Beach is located in which province?And: Baluchistan
    684Karakurom Highway connect Pak with?And: China
    685Smallest state by area?
    Ans: Malta
    686Plants exhale at night time which gas?Ans: CO2
    687• The panch pokhri lake situated in the himalaya mountains is the highest lake in the world.
    688• Mahavira(founder of jainism)and gautama buddha (founder of buddism) were contemporaries and flourished in india in the 6th century B.C.
    689• The three pyramids of eqypt were built from 2700 to 2500 B.C.,these are tombs of khufu,khafra and menkaura.
    690• The great wall of china was completed in 214 is 1500 miles long.Its average height is 25 feet and about 12 feet wide at the top.
    691• The city rome was founded in 753 B.C. by romolus.
    692 • The muslim rule of spain lasted from 711 to 1492 A.D.
    693• The statue of liberty (newyork) was installed in 1886.It is 151 feet one inch high from the base to torch.
    694• The world is divided into 24 time zones,each 15longtitude wide. the longitudinal meridian passing through greenwich,England is the starting point and is called the prime meridian.
  6. 695 • Christopher columbus discovered bahamas on 12 oct 1492 A.D.
  7. 696• Russia invaded afghanistan on dec 27,1979.
  8. 697• A billion contain 1000 million. It has 9 zeroes. similarly a trillion has 12 zeroes,a quadrillion 15 zeroes,a quintillion 18 zeroes and a decillion 33 zeroes.
  9. 698• One inch is equal to 2.5400 cms and one mile is equal to 1.6093 kms.
  10. 699• About half of the world population speaks indo-european languages. The Indo-European branch to which english belongs is germanic constitutional .
  11. 700• All india mulim league was formulated on december 30,1906 and first president was Sir Agha Khan.
  12. 701• Afghanistan got independence on 19th aug 1919.
  13. 702• Sunlight is composed of seven colours 703• "Braille system" is used for the education of Blind.
  14. 704• Lousis Braille of France made it possible for the blind to read and write. 705 • Blue color has shortest wavelength(Red-Largest)
  15. 708• Protein is a natural polymer
  16. 709 • Redwood or Giant Sempervirens is the tallest tree in the world . It rises up to a height of 111 metres (366 feets).
  17. 710• Pakistan-Afghanistan border ' Durand line ' was drawn in 1893 by Sir Mortimer Durand and Afghanistans ruler Abdur rehman khan.
    711• Asian Development Bank was established on 16th jan, 1966 (Headqurter in Manilia Philipine).
    712• Radcliff was a lawyer by profession. 713• In 1945, Hiroshima was the first city Atom bomb dropped.
    714• Leo Tolstoy was the political guru of Gandhi.
    715• South Africa is the country which has three capitals.
    716• A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides is known as ―peninsula “.
    718 • The literal meaning of Renaissance is Revival
    719• Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus
    720• Adolf Hitler was born in Austria
    721• Slavery in America was abolished by Abraham Lincoln
    722• The famous Island located at the mouth of the Hudson river is Manhattan
    723 • The famous painting Mona Lisa'is displayed at Louvre museum,Paris 724 • The earlier name for tomato was Love apple 725 • Archimedes was born in Sicily • Togo is situated in Africa 726 • The first ruler who started war games for his soldiers was Genghis Khan 728• The name of the large clock on the tower of the House of Parliament in London is called Big Ben 729•Man is a Tool Making Animal’ was said by Benjamin Franklin • Blue Mosque is in Istanbul.
    730• Camp David is famous for Camp David Accord, which took place between Egypt and Israel. It is located in USA.
    731 • Jaffna is the headquarters of LTTE guerillas in Sri Lanka.
    732: total coastline of pakistan?
    Ans: 1046km
    733cheapest sourse of energy?
    Ans: solar
    734killer mountain?Ans: Nanga parbat
    735 Baran river flows in?Ans: Sindh
    736Ghazwa abwa is alos known?Ans: widdan
    737Najeebullah tittle of ?
    Ans: Hazrat yahya (A.S)
    738Death of Akbar?Ans: 1605
    739shalimar garden made in?
    Ans: 1643 by (shahjan)
    740incident of Khanpur?Ans: 1913
    741capital of Angola?Ans: luanda
    742city of colleges?Ans: lohore
    743largest desert of pakistan?
    Ans: Thar ( sindh)
    744SCO shanghai cooperation organization found in?
    Ans: april 26 1996
    745AMF stand for?
    Ans: Arab monetary fund
    746When azad kashmir got independence?Ans: 24oct 1947
    746Cripps mission?Ans: 1942
    747pirpur report was eastablished?
    Ans: 1938
    748The deepest lake in world?Ans: Baikal
    749capital of palestine?Ans: Ramallah
    750Hazrat Hamza embraced islam?
    Ans: 4th nabvi
    751founder of chemistry?Ans: jabbir bin Hayyan
    752Headquarter of ECO?Ans: Tehran (iran)
    753father of english poetry?Ans: Geffery chancer
    754Man of the Destiny?Ans: Nepoloen
    755The largest living bird is?Ans: Ostrich
    756who invented the hydrogen bomb?
    Ans: Samuel cohen
    757Treaty of hudaibiyah?Ans: 6hijri
    758which book is called Gospel?
    Ans: Injeel
    759Naples is seaport of ?Ans: Boundry line b/w india & china?
    Ans: Mcmohan line
    760first space satellite was laughed by pak in?Ans: 1990
    761G.T road was built by?Ans: Sher shah suri
    762The most populated city is?
    Ans: Tokyo
    763length of pak & china border?
    Ans: 595km
    764Taipei is capital of?Ans: Taiwan
    765The first viceroy of india was?
    Ans: lord canning
    766The kargil tragey?Ans: 1999
    767first source of shariah?Ans: Quran
    768Savak is secret agency of?Ans: iran
    769Neelam valley is located in?
    Ans: Azad kash
    770shaheen missile is?Ans: surface to surface
    771which is called panisula?
    Ans: Saudi arabia
    772oldest barrage of Pakistan?
    AnsSukkur barrage (1932)
    773construction of taj mahal?Ans: 1647
    774Goverment of india act enacted?
    Ans: 1935
    775capital of indonesia?Ans: jakarta
    776literal meaning of Qiyas?Ans: Judging
    778Electrons revolve around
    779 Ozone protectsUV Rays✓✓
    779 Nov & established/took place on-14th Oct, 1955✓✓ 780KPK was constituted to become a province by British in1946✓✓
    781Location of genes in body DNA✓✓
    782 NO of poles in magnet2✓✓
    783Opposite charge .Attracts✓✓
    784Charge is store in Capacitor✓✓
    785For survival of species. ,reproduction is necessary✓✓
    786Study of medicine manufacturing is called,,, Pharmacy
    787Saifullah is tittle of which sahabi
    Khalid bin Waleed R.A✓✓
    788Who translated Quran from Arabic into PersianShah Waliullah✓✓
    789Basic belief in Islam5✓✓
    790All india Muslim league was founded in Dhaka✓✓
    791Quaid-e-Azam delivered 14 points in
    792Last Viceroy of IndiaLord mount batten✓✓
    793Capital of Nepal Khat Mando✓✓
    794What is Moon?Satellite✓✓
  18. Charge on Neutron?
    795Current flow means?Flow of electron✓✓
    796When Muslim league come into being?1906✓✓
    797First president of Pakistan Muslim league*Agha Khan
    798Which melts in room temperature?
    799Chairman of Senate of Pakistan?
    *Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani*✓✓
    800Who abrogated constitution in1958 and put martial law? *Sikander Mirza
    801 1992 world cup final was played in————- ?Ans. Melbourne (Answer)
    802 The Famous book “Gulliver’s Travel” was written by————- ?Ans. Jonathan Swift (Answer)
    803 FCR stands for————- ?
    Ans. Frontier Crimes Regulations (Answer)
    804 Takla Makan Desert is Located in which country ?
    A. China (Answer)
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