General Anatomy MCQ (Osteology & Arthrology) with answer


General Anatomy MCQ (Osteology & Arthrology) with answer


Osteology & Arthrology


1. The term that describes blood cell formation is:
A. homeostasis
B. hematopoiesis
C. hemodynamics
D. hemorrhage

2. A mineral that is stored in bones and assists with maintaining acid-base balance of the blood, nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction, maintenance of blood pressure, and blood clotting is:
A. phosphorus
B. manganese
C. calcium
D. carbon

3. Porous tissue that is a site for blood cell formation.
A. spongy bone
B. trabeculae
C. compact bone
D. periosteum

4. Tissue that surrounds bones, providing nourishment, protection, and regeneration following injury.
A. spongy bone
B. trabeculae
C. compact bone
D. periosteum

5. A rounded articular projection that forms a joint.
A. foramen
B. meatus
C. condyle
D. fossa

6. A sharp, slender prominence where a tendon or ligament attaches.
A. ramus
B. spine
C. meatus
D. facet

7. The process by which osteoblasts lay down bone to replace a fibrous or cartilaginous model.
A. ossification
B. hematopoiesis
C. osteology
D. arthrology

8. Fills the center of the diaphysis of a mature long bone.
A. trabeculae
B. calcium
C. yellow marrow
D. red marrow

9. Type of bone that fills the spaces between cranial bones.
A. sesamoid bone
B. Wormian bone
C. irregular bone
D. flat bone

10. Accessory motion described by a series of points on one bony surface coming in contact with a corresponding series of points on the other.
A. spin
B. glide
C. roll
D. convex


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