5873 Seat of MBBS & BDS remain vacant this year


5873 Seat of MBBS & BDS remain vacant this year

According to dawn news 5873 seats of mbbs and bds remain vacant this year

For the first time in the country’s history, over 28% or 5,873 seats in public sector and private medical and dental colleges could not be filled this year.

In view of this situation, the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has approved a special policy to fill the vacant seats for the 2021-22 session.

Under the policy, the colleges, which did not upload the lists of admitted students, have been allowed to upload them by February 18. After that date, the PMC will offer vacant seats to the eligible students who have not been admitted. One-time placements will be offered strictly on merit to ensure all admissions are complete by February 28.

According to a document available with Dawn, 1,566 seats are vacant in Sindh, 1,331 in Punjab, 72 in Balochistan, 58 in Islamabad and 51 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Reviews from some people
Reason behind this act:

Slowly and gradually the previous and now the current govt will end the medical profession. If someone has sources they can go abroad for the degree of Medicine.1 crore per year fees in private medical colleges, and later just 60k salary in house job and 55k as an RMO with full exploitation of young doctors to work for 12-24 hour shifts will ultimately result in people opting for different career paths. PMC is itself behaving like a mafia which has given a free hand for medical college fee structures and additional exam burdens on doctors like the NLE

Being a doctor and that superiority complex will be rejected by the people in coming years as well . Now people know doing MBBS for the sake of societal pressure and so called status , it should be perceived as a profession. We are producing doctors more than the patients.
I have seen a lot of graduates now want to even change their field and applying abroad to get into academia .

Basic reason is huge fee structure which is not affordable even by deserving and talented students. Moreover, medical profession is usually pursued by middle class while fees structure is for elite class. Elite class kids does not prefer medical profession, they either go into their family businesses or leave the country and shift abroad. Our so called PMC and other institutations does not address the actual problem, that is huge fee structure.

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